Children's creative story writing

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Children's creative story writing

In times of lockdown and home schooling parents, and guardians, seek help with the home education of their children. This is exactly what our web site provides, and access to it is free. It is designed for parents to work with their children, taking them through the process of creative writing a story and has a number of selectable themes: pirate; journey; walk in the woods; space. It is designed for Key Stage 2 children, i.e. between 7 and 11 years of age.

The interactive story writing web pages are supported by a database which stores the story whilst the child writes it. Suggestions for words to use and plot twists and turns are made during the writing process, and after the story is finished there is an editing section to help your child learn how to revise and edit their work. Finally, when the story is complete (and edited) the story is then downloaded to the user's PC and opened in a word processor application for the very final stages of providing a title, correcting spelling, etc.

The web site also provides a text (story) analysis tool, This can be used to provide feedback on a child's story, such as sentence length, common connectives, etc. Information is provided on what would be expected from a Key Stage 2 child, to assist in benchmarking development. There are numerous other tips on story writing, and evem a library of some submitted stories.

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