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New eBook, Fundamentals of Particle Technology is available here.

New paperback, The Sad Angel of Stoupa is available here.

Our aim is to publish accessible books that are affordable for all who want them. We started with a university level text, aimed at second year undergraduates, called Fundamentals of Particle Technology. The book was published in Loughborough, UK, and sold for GBP10. Other textbooks on the subject of particle technology (studied in many engineering courses) sold upwards of GBP30. Our book was, and still is, supported by a dedicated web site with very many resources, including very comprehensive answers to the questions posed in the book.

A new developement is the re-issue of the particle technology book as an ebook. The price remains at GBP10 and the support web pages have been updated as a consequence of this even greater accessibility for this text.

We welcome ideas and offers for similar accessible engineering and science texts, designed to introduce undergraduate students to a topic. We currently have under discussion a similar textbook on Fluid Mechanics for Chemical Engineers.

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