Particle Technology

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Particle Technology

Our Particle Technology web site originated from teaching the subject to second and final year Chemical Engineering university students. It is linked to the book: Fundamentals of Particle Technology, published by MidlandiT.

On the web site Javascript interactive questions, and answers, are used. These are the same questions that are at the end of each chapter of the book. Ideally, the student has the copy of the book open whilst doing these online problems, possibly making notes about how to solve the problems for future reference.

Video files showing the full worked solutions to the particle technology questions are also provided. The videos show the answers to the problems being performed using Microsoft's Whiteboard application, much like a personal tutorial.

Numerous downloads are also available for particle technology related spreadsheets, pdf explanation files, and example of equipment.

In Particle Technology any design analysis, or process understanding, starts with a particle size analysis of the material of interest and an interactive expert system is also provided on the web site, to enable the user to make a rational choice over which is the most appropriate technique to use for a size analysis dependent upon the user's requirements and budget.

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