Fundamentals of Particle Technology

particle technology book

Fundamentals of Particle Technology; eBook ISBN 978-0-9543881-2-6

Second edition (eBook) of the revised text book that introduces students to the topic of Particle Technology.

Fundamentals of Particle Technology is designed to assist the understanding of how particulate materials behave during processing and is written with engineers and scientists, who are new to the subject, in mind. It is accessible, in both cost and style, and is illustrated with numerous line diagrams. Most of the 16 chapters end with questions in multiple choice format. This helps problem decomposition and the reader can see each step required to arrive at an overall process solution. If the reader makes a mistake with any of the steps he, or she, usually does not see their answer and will immediately know where they have gone wrong.

The aspects of Particle Technology covered include: particle characterisation, solid/liquid and solid/gas separations, fluidisation (fluidization), flow of (and in) dispersions, powder mixing, storage, hazards, crushing and colloidal interaction. Extensive Internet support and referencing is provided. The teaching style adopted is the result of experience gained from presenting the subject for over 30 years at both undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Purchase and download instantly the eBook (pdf format), 2nd Edition (with revisions) and a fully bookmarked Contents page, with hyperlinks within the book direct to illustrations and videos on the supporting web site. This new edition is downloaded in one single pdf file of 17.4 MB.

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