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  To start with you will be asked for a name which is used to store your work, so you can come back and finish your story off on another day. Your story is stored on Harry's computer. To ensure that it is you returning to finish your work off, a small text file is placed on your computer with your name in it - a cookie. Therefore, you will need cookies enabled and you will need to use the same computer to finish your work off.

Harry's story writing process has two stages: composition (with a blue background) and editing (with a green background). Your story is written in sections. During composition you may move backwards and forwards rereading what you have written, but PLEASE USE THE RED ARROWS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE and not the browser's back button.

When you have finished editing, your story is transferred into a word processor on your own computer. Why not then use checktext to evaluate your story?

Ready to start?

Harry can only help you write a good story if you read his suggestions and do what he says! Click on the book for a demo or Harry to write your own pirate story.
         click here to start writing a pirate story - do follow my suggestions! click here for an illustrated demonstration of how this interactive writing site works
Why not keep the demo pages open whilst writing your story, or print them out?

Harry can only help you write a pirate story on the free access site , but the subscription site has other story themes.

**For parents** See some testimonials from previous users

**For parents** Boost your child's story writing skills with personal feedback

**For parents and teachers** More interactive story themes now available with instant access

**For teachers** Top five tried and trusted strategies for improving children's writing

**For teachers** An opportunity to take part in a new research project

this means that you will lose your story on that Sunday - please finish writing it by then. Please contact us if you would like an alternative arrangement.

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