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MidlandiT: Midland Information Technology and Publishing

Who we are

We are based near Loughborough, UK, and can be contacted on richard@midlandit.co.uk. MidlandiT runs a number of web sites, all of which are for educational purposes. The unifying theme of the web sites is that they reflect the interests, and expertise, of the people contributing to MidlandiT. Between us, we have decades worth of experience in research and delivery of educational materials on which our web sites are based. This is reflected in the level of qualification of our contributors, who all have PhDs, and numerous years post-qualification experience.

We welcome anyone with a similar passion for their subject who may wish to develop a web site, or write a high-quality, but low-cost, book on a subject they are experienced in.

A bit of history

MidlandiT was started by Richard Holdich, who was a lecturer at Loughborough University in the UK. One of the subjects he taught was Particle Technology, to degree level students in Chemical Engineering. Richard had published two books with a very well-known publisher of academic books, both of these books had list prices of well over GBP 100. They were unaffordable to students as textbooks. Also, Richard was unhappy with the publishing house and its procedures. There was a catalogue of errors during the publication process and unilateral revision of the contract, finally culminating in the inclusion of a well known computer virus contained in the proof files sent by the publisher to Richard. On contacting the publishing house to inform them of this potentially catastrophic event the response from the publishing house was "we know". The lack of interest, or care, in letting their authors know of this major problem said it all, in terms of how major publishers behaved towards academic authors. Richard founded MidlandiT in the year 2002 to provide an alternative, author and student centred provision, and never published another textbook with any mainstream publishing house.

Others have joined with us to publish their books and develop their web sites, and we welcome others to do the same. Publishing and distribution in the age of the Internet has become straightforward and all our titles have ISBN numbers and are distributed via Goggle and Amazon, where appropriate.

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